Online Entertainment

I’ve been making projects that ‘go viral’ since the early 2000s, starting with Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?, which ended up with tens of millions of views.

In more recent years I worked at experimental site UsVsTh3m, creating entire games such as Eurosong Generator and Crapper Mapper while also contributing ideas to group efforts such as the North-o-Meter.

Since then I’ve developed the concepts behind successful games such as How Old Are Your Reactions? and Brexit Bus, and had a hit of my own with Can You Draw a Perfect Circle?

Content Strategy

In my former role as a creative lead at Distilled I planned campaigns for a wide variety of clients, developing ideas for attracting press coverage, improving information for users and changing brand perception.

Planning & Advice

I like to find simple solutions and explain them clearly. If you’re considering a web project, I can help with ideas, pitching and planning, to make sure time and money are put into the right things from the start.