Rob Manuel’s Letter of Last Resort

To be opened by nuclear submarine commanders if the UK has been destroyed.

9 March 2017

Dear whoever is alive. I'm dead so I'm in no position to give orders. Seriously, being dead means my thoughts on what you should do now is meaningless as you might have additional information or be responding to events I know nothing about. Therefore you need to use your own judgement. However I suspect it's a bad idea to continue nuking people as the continuation of humanity as a species is more important than trivial things like countries. Anyway - they only ask Prime Ministers to write this as basically a Buzzfeed personality test - the senior civil servants have right old nose at these things to work out what kind of person they're dealing with. So really this isn't being read by a submarine captain but Sir Jeremy Heywood and his chums. Hi Jeremy! Yes you *can* have some more letters after your name if you really want. Sheesh. Rob.

Rt Hon Rob Manuel
Rob Manuel
Prime Minister

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