Pistonbroke’s Letter of Last Resort

To be opened by nuclear submarine commanders if the UK has been destroyed.

12 May 2017

well, it seems the balloon has gone up. No more Blighty. you've had your last pack of Rolos, and the HP Sauce production line has burped out it's last bottle. but all is not lost. Your submarine remains as a lat defiant puddle of old England, leaving us one last opportunity to smash some Johnny Foreigners back doors in. So, think of corgis, think of Lowri and his match stick men and matchstick cats and dogs, and think of the loss of all those whizz bang types in the city who have been gallantly lost and press those launch buttons. it doesn't really matter where those thermonuclear weapons go *as long as some spook, jig, wog, kike, spic, commie or frog gets turned into something that looks like Damien Hursts latest exhibit. Submarine Commanders, Aloha, and we salute you Yours, Theresa * except Hawaii, leave Hawaii out of this.

Rt Hon Pistonbroke
Prime Minister

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