Dusty R Smokecloud’s Letter of Last Resort

To be opened by nuclear submarine commanders if the UK has been destroyed.

14 May 2017

Oh buggar. The 'deterrent' didn't bloody work did it. And to think of all the money we spent on it. I suppose it bought us 70 years of peace which isn't bad, historically speaking. Oh well, I am not here any more as I have failed the human race and got incinerated, so it would be a bit rich of me to expect you to follow my advice. Our culture has been eliminated, but you have one chance to affect the cultures to come. Our hard won traditions are to punish bullies, and spare the innocent. Think hard, and on that basis, do what you will when the right time comes. Use this one last chance to be sure to do more good than harm.

Rt Hon Dusty R Smokecloud
Dusty R Smokecloud
Prime Minister

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