Alexander Wotherspoon’s Letter of Last Resort

To be opened by nuclear submarine commanders if the UK has been destroyed.

1 September 2018

Dear Commander, The day we all prayed would not come is here. By reading this, the United Kingdom in any credible form has perished. The government ceases to exist and the population remaining is suffering. In light of this, here are my instructions: I authorise you to make a full yield, multi megaton nuclear strike on every major city of the aggressor that brought us to this state. If you have information of cities that are already destroyed, then direct our missiles towards the intact. Following the completion of your duty commander, take your submarine and crew to the least likely island or area to have been effected by this tragedy, and try to contact aliies if they are still existing, or to assist both your crew and people of the world to rebuild. God bless you, and you will find in this safe a bottle of whisky. I feel you may need it, but remember as you launch this attack, it is my hand, not yours.

Rt Hon Alexander Wotherspoon
Alexander Wotherspoon
Prime Minister

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