Stuff & Nonsense

Obligatory Pointless Welcome Post

Lazy rewording of post title to fulfill layout requirements

Opening paragraph musing on the nature of the modern personal website and its role in an online media landscape dominated by major social networks. Casual self-flattering mentions of the author’s experience and achievements.

Segue into a rambling exposition of motives and aims to pad out to a respectable length:

Netscape Now! 2.0

Mentions of exciting new technologies or topics the author is looking forward to using. Subtle digs at certain sites by way of highlighting missed opportunities.

Xena Web Ring

Links to existing popular, cutting-edge sites and individuals, dropped into flattering references to sources of inspiration, in the hope that some will notice and link back.

Sign My Guestbook

Exhortation to get in touch or comment in some way, anything to break the inevitable gnawing silence following the site launch.

Under Construction

Optimistic expressions of future ambitions, all with a desperate underlying sense that this project will also fall by the wayside and end up pitifully neglected.

Bottom 95% of all web sites

Slightly awkward and pointless last paragraph. Enthusiastic final sentence ending with bold text and an exclamation mark!

Dancing banana