Nominative Mathematical Manipulation

A new open source library to fix a glaring problem with JavaScript

I’ve written a lot of JavaScript over the years, and every time I use Math.round() it niggles at me that it’s so close to my name. Finally, in a fit of vanity, and by applying my vast technical experience, I've created Matt.js, a new project to address this issue.

How to use Matt.js

Simply load the script file into your page, e.g. with

<script src="Matt.js"></script>

and you can then replace Math with Matt throughout your code, finally allowing the use of Matt.round() and thereby making everything right in the world.

What if my name isn’t Matt Round?

Matt.js is equally useful for Matts with other surnames such as Floor, Random, Abs, Log, Max, Pi and many more.

Where may I obtain this technological wonder of our age?

Full details and files are available via the Matt.js GitHub page.