HTML Movies

20 cinematic namesakes of HTML5 tags

1. a (1998)

Documentary about the Buddhist sect responsible for the 1995 Tokyo subway Sarin gas attack.

2. body (2003)

Also known as Jism. No, really. A tale of passion and murder featuring an alcoholic lawyer and the wife of a travelling millionaire.

3. canvas (1992)

Gary Busey stars as an artist who takes part in a heist to save his brother from murderous art thieves.

4. details (2003)

A Swedish-language story about how four people’s lives intersect over ten years.

5. em (2008)

As two people start a life together, secrets start to come to light. I’m assuming not the sort of embarrassing secrets they can just laugh about.

6. form (2015)

Sci-fi thing involving a new world and renewal or something.

7. h2 (2009)

Michael’s back yet again, this time directed by Rob Zombie. People probably get stabbed.

8. h4 (2015)

Shakespeare’s Henry IV, but set in modern-day Los Angeles.

9. h6 (2005)

A horror thriller involving a serial killer running a motel. Hmm.

10. head (1968)


The Monkees’ surreal, psychedelic, plotless film. Features a giant Victor Mature.

11. header (2006)

An ATF agent tries to solve a series of murders while his life spirals out of control.

12. i (2015)

An Indian revenge thriller about a former bodybuilder and model who’s now a “deformed hunchback”.

13. legend (1985)


Tim Curry makes Mia Sara into an amazing goth, then Tom Cruise turns up and ruins everything.

14. link (1986)

Elisabeth Shue and Terence Stamp star in this battle of wits between an intelligent, murderous orangutan and a zoology student.

15. p (2005)

A Thai film about magic and evil in a go-go bar.

16. pre (2009)

Follows a New York theatre group in the aftermath of 9/11.

17. q (1982)


The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, a giant flying lizard, sets up home in the Chrysler building and attacks New York rooftops. David Carradine investigates the stop-motion nonsense.

18. ruby (1992)

The story of Jack Ruby, who shot the man who shot JFK (or did he…?).

19. time (2006)

South Korean film about a woman who secretly gets a new face via plastic surgery.

20. track (1999)

Not much info about this one, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it involves someone getting shot.