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How Adorable Is My Dog?

Finally, a definitive answer from the British public.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows of “the hound”, but what does the British public think of him? Does the person on the street share my fondness for this daft hyperactive spaniel?

I fired up Google Surveys and posed the crucial question:

“How adorable is this dog?”

The survey got approved and 100 demographically-varied citizens across the country gave their answers.


Top results chart

Other answers: 5r, a bit, absolutely adorable, absolutely cute, amazing, beautiful, bit, brussels, d'ya like dags, dog, don't care, fine, he looks ok to me can not say he is that adorable, hideous, huge, i'm chinese it's tasty, in china delicious, it's a dog so it's not, it's alright bit much, moderately, no, not a lot, okay i guess, sooo adorable xd, springers have good facial expressions, ty, vary, very but i like spaniels, very much, weaker, well

Adorability sentiment

Unclear/irrelevant: 9%   Low: 13%   Medium: 14%   High: 64%

Two respondents chose to assess edibility.

Word cloud

Word cloud


He’s a very good boy.

The good boy