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How Adorable Is My Dog?
Finally, a definitive answer from the British public.
Tweet Hall of Fame
Keeping track of my all-time faves
Almost Worthless
69 rejected/leftover ideas from my UsVsTh3m notes
Are Hotdogs Sandwiches?
A crowdsourced analysis of this contentious issue
1K Chess Showdown
JavaScript vs a ZX-81 program from 1982
Wake up and look at this thing that I bring
The TfL Lost Property Office’s window display
The Sloth Workout Plan
Yes, it’s primarily a thinly-veiled excuse to show some animal GIFs
The Morosov Files: U2764
My SFSwap round 1 effort
HTML Movies
20 cinematic namesakes of HTML5 tags
Fall of the Machines
Forget the boring new Terminator film, rubbish robots are much more fun
Toilet Roll Topology
A vitally important public information announcement that may change your life
Top 10 personal highlights from the whole weird experiment
Nominative Mathematical Manipulation
A new open source library to fix a glaring problem with JavaScript
The Unshareables
Is there a place for tongue-eating parasites in a vanilla-flavoured, magnolia-painted web?
Anywhere to Nowhere
The rise and fall of teleportation
Obligatory Pointless Welcome Post
Lazy rewording of post title to fulfill layout requirements