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2014 January The Movie Code Quiz Work out what coding in films actually does
2013 December GRANagotchi Can you help gran to survive winter?
October Super Tory Boy Mario-esque satirical platform game
September JAWS: The Text Adventure ZX Spectrum-style movie tie-in
Crapper Mapper Another Us Vs Th3m project
July How Geeky Are You?
Redesign iOS 7
All made for the lovely people at Us Vs Th3m
June Jellytext Teletext returns, complete with Pages From Ceefax-style music
May MetaMitchell&​WebbFilter Community weblog meets sketch comedy
Apr The Gall3ry A televisual presentation of B3ta’s Best of the Board
Mar Follow140 A humble suggestion for keeping Twitter manageable
Jan 15by7 Absurdly-crude, tweetable pixel art
2007 Dec Barwick-o-tron How the FA picks the England football manager
Nov LOLinator i can haz websiet?
2002 Jan malevole A long-neglected daftness portal, featuring Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? and A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen